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KETMOY Printing
9285 Princeton-Glendale Road
West Chester, Ohio 45011

We are located on the west side of
State Route 747 about 2 miles north of I-275
and ¼ of a mile south of Port Union Road.

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Henry Sester, President

America’s story. Born in Appalachia, transplanted to Hamilton. Some 50 yards from his house was KETMOY. Helped the janitor. Swept the floors, cleaned-up the shop. Took graphic arts in high school, went to college, returned to KETMOY. Operated a Chandler Price letterpress, moved up to a Heidelberg Windmill letterpress, became a stripper, shifted into sales, sold his house and bought the company.

Just like O’Henry would have written it down. Bet you would like to meet this gentleman.

Sales Team

Glenn Mehltretter, Sales Manager

Check this out. Glenn’s hobby is paintball in the woods. His YouTube channels, Trails of Doom and Trails of Doom HD, have 16,000+ subscribers, and over 2,000,000+ views. This guy shoots straight.

Glenn appreciates older cars with gears, knobs, and distinctive styling. He enjoys working on printing jobs with complex press techniques, exotic ink mixes, and intricate finishing with origami-like folding things—a distinctive style.

Got a job like that? He’ll make sure it’s an award winner.

Dave Diedling, Sales Executive

It’s a family tradition. Dave, his father and brothers have printing ink in their veins and flowing through their hearts. As little guys, on the weekends they went with their father to the printing plant for experience. The payoff was White Castles for lunch.

Dave learned to play guitar and keyboards but quickly realized he was not a musician, so he passed them on to his brothers.

Dave has had many titles in his life including Son, Brother, Husband, Father and Grandfather, but Printer has stuck through it all.

There’s not much in 40+ years of printing he hasn’t experienced, so you will benefit from that.

As Pink Floyd would say, he has become Comfortably Numb.

Bob Foster, Sales Executive

When he walks into a room people laugh…with him. It’s as simple as that. The man has a story for everyone and every situation. Don’t get him started.

He will work smartly to please you or just make you happy.

Some parking garage elevators have brail numbers next to the buttons. Tell me, how does the blind person park his car on the 4th floor?

Production Support

Daniel Sester, Plant Manager

The rows have got to be straight. The garden better not see a weed. The fish don’t need to bite. The kids just want to sit on his lap. It’s a tough job being a perfectionist. Thank God they are around and they look like Daniel.

Up through the ranks, Daniel has spent sleepless nights mauling over that day’s pile of job tickets. Is this job ready for the bindery? That one coming out of die-cutting? In his business one row of dots must not be out of register. Perfect alignment. A customer’s level of satisfaction has been seated into his lap.

You can rest easier; Daniel’s guiding your job through the shop.

Eric Thornton, Customer Service Representative

Bass fishing is an art. At the lake before dawn. Watching the sunrise over the gentle ripple of the water. Which lure is the right one for this day? The tackle boxes display choices in neat order. And what’s this thing about catch and release?

Eric knows and has mastered all of these things. Gently floating to the right spot. Estimating the whip needed from the rod’s fiber pole to pluck just close enough to the old stump. Gotta be some good ones there.

He employs that same level of attention to detail and patience with each new printing job that plucks onto his desk. Estimating is science mixed with art. Eric releases his work thoughtfully.

Scott Batdorf
, Customer Service Assistant

As the rhythm guitar player, Scott follows the conductor. But, he owns and plays those cords in his personal style. With a confident manner, Scott introduces a rhythm while performing his job. He blends harmony between KETMOY customer needs and his colleagues in business.

Composition is easy, but timing is everything. Scott anticipates the next beat. The next step.

It must be his settling joy from classical music, laced with folk music and seasoned with bluegrass, that you sense when talking with him. Clearly, he likes to create great work.